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Interior Design Project

In our salon you can not only buy furniture, but also order a complete interior design project*

Interior design will help you realize all your dreams of an ideal home. A well-designed project by our designers will give your apartment or house functionality, comfort and practicality.

Stages of development and implementation of a complete design project

Acquaintance (first meeting)

Discussing the upcoming work and getting to know each other is a very important stage of the future project. The designer and the customer have a long way to go together. Therefore, it is very important to feel comfortable in communicating with each other, understanding and trust. When making a decision on mutual cooperation, an official contract is concluded with an indication of the scope of work, cost and timing.

Measurements and photofixation of the object

To measure the room, the designer (one or more) goes to the object. Measurements of the room are necessary in order to correctly zone the space, highlight the positive aspects and see possible disadvantages of the room. In addition, the room is photographed. The result of the work is a reliable drawn dimensional plan of the room.

Technical specification

Drawing up a technical task for the development of a project is an acquaintance with the lifestyle of the customer and his family, his preferences, discussion of wishes on style, color, technical equipment, budget. All this will allow you to have a guarantee that all your wishes will be taken into account.


The stylistic stage begins with the development of the concept of each room. The concept is presented to the customer in the form of collages or sketches. The collages select the style and color solution of the future interior. Examples of furniture, plumbing, fixtures, doors, textiles, decorative elements are displayed. The selection of finishing materials is carried out.

Space planning

Planning is a plan that shows the location of walls, doorways, furniture, plumbing equipment. This is one of the most important plans when developing a design project.

The development of the planning solution is based on the data obtained from the measurement plan, the completed Technical specification and the inventory plan (or the plan from the developer). In the process of discussion, the final layout is made based on several options.

3-D visualization

Photorealistic visualization After the collages and the planning solution are agreed, 3D visualizations of the selected rooms are made. They allow you to actually see a photo of your future space.


The technological stage of the design project is the most voluminous and important. Professionally executed drawings are a direct guide for builders. It is important to us that all our ideas come true in life, and your dream of an ideal home comes true!


The final phase of our collaboration is the printing of the album of the interior design project in A3 format and the link in e-format

*Designing the interior, we select and design our furniture, which we offer in the salon. Ordering both the interior design and furniture from us – you get an on the purchase of furniture.

Our features

Huge selection of kitchens in different styles, rich color palette and a variety of finishing options with an attractive price-quality ratio

A wide range of related products for the kitchen: countertops, wall panels, home appliances and European kitchen fashion accessories

High requirements for the quality and range of partners-manufactures

Furniture from Germany

3D - kitchen design and an instant quote as per producer prices
Professional designer-consultants are aware of all the latest trends
Benefitial Deals

Our possibilities

We offer to purchase individually designed kitchen for YOU and other furniture from Germany in different price categories. We clearly comply with delivery times and guarantee German quality.

Allow yourself the furniture of the highest class, because you deserve it!

Daily Quotes

«Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.» Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why De HAUS?

Because we like finding new ideas and make them come to live. While designing projects we realize that the warmth put into them makes Your home special – heartwarming, snug and bright!

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