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Tables and chairs

A dining room has been always a must in every house and each apartment. Hosts couldn’t imagine how they could do without them years ago. Dining rooms have been good for daily meals as well as special occasion meals. In our times dining rooms getting a new go. They are back and they are taking the rightful place in the interior of our homes. In a beautiful well-developed dining room you will spend your time with great pleasure and enjoy your meal at a spacious comfortable table, relax flipping through a magazine or reading a newspaper. You can easily find the right furniture for your dining room at Woessner and Venjakob, stylish, cozy, classic.

Our features

Huge selection of kitchens in different styles, rich color palette and a variety of finishing options with an attractive price-quality ratio

A wide range of related products for the kitchen: countertops, wall panels, home appliances and European kitchen fashion accessories

High requirements for the quality and range of partners-manufactures

Furniture from Germany

3D - kitchen design and an instant quote as per producer prices
Professional designer-consultants are aware of all the latest trends
Benefitial Deals

Our possibilities

We offer to purchase individually designed kitchen for YOU and other furniture from Germany in different price categories. We clearly comply with delivery times and guarantee German quality.

Allow yourself the furniture of the highest class, because you deserve it!

Daily Quotes

«Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.» Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why De HAUS?

Because we like finding new ideas and make them come to live. While designing projects we realize that the warmth put into them makes Your home special – heartwarming, snug and bright!

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